Living in Incline Village

The shelter in place restrictions of 2020 have encouraged many people to reassess their quality of life. Mountain towns like Incline Village in Lake Tahoe have experienced a boom in real estate sales activity because many people are choosing to live in the mountains and commute to the city.

Incline Village is surrounded by mountains, forests and the turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe. The high altitude and air clarity makes colors more vibrant and at night, the stars shine like glittering jewels. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, skiing or golfing, the amenities in this quaint town are outstanding.

The fact that Nevada is one of only 7 states with no state income taxes, also draws many people to purchase a home in Incline Village, Nevada. Its close proximity to the Bay Area and Sacramento offers high income residents of California an opportunity to avoid paying the 13% state income tax, while still working in California.  

Incline Village has a population of only 8,491 people and retains a small-town feel. Incline Village residents enjoy access to Lake Tahoe’s best recreational facilities, and quality amenities. Residents can access three exclusive-use beaches with a private boat launch, a recreational center, two ski resorts, golf courses, tennis and the Chateau community building for events.

The Median price for a home in Incline Village is currently $826,700 and the average rent is around $1500. The majority of Incline Village residents are homeowners with 73% of people owning their home, versus only 27% renters. The median household income is $93,507.

Communities with a higher percentage of homeowners tend to protect the quality of life, offer better services and experience lower crime. This also means there will never be huge shopping centers like the ones found in other resort areas around the world. The master plan for Incline Village describes it as a gated community without the gates.

The schools in Incline Village also rank very high in achievement compared to other schools in the United States. The Incline High School was one of three in the state of Nevada to earn a high achievement rating. This school ranks 8 out of 10 for quality, better than 77% of all US High Schools. The principle attributes the high performance to their close-knit three-school system. Staff have the opportunity to really get to know each child and each level of education feeds the next. With only 1,400 students in the entire school system, the care in education is exceptional.

Incline Village is just a 30 minute drive to Reno and South Lake Tahoe, with the many casinos, shows and nightlife. Crystal Bay is 5 minutes away for more local nightlife and casinos. The 5 star Hyatt Regency has a casino and elegant restaurant over-looking beautiful Lake Tahoe. There are many restaurants offering fine cuisine and casual dining.

If you enjoy golfing, Incline Village has a championship golf course at its center and you can find homes on the golf course. Diamond Peak Ski Resort is close by with its breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe and family-friendly and beginner ski hills. Mt. Rose Ski Resort is just 20 minutes away, offering more challenging runs.

Hiking trails include steep climbs up Jennifer or a meandering trail to the Fire Lookout, offering incredible views of the lake. Hikers also enjoy the Tahoe Meadows Interpretive Loop and Northeast Bundle. At the top of Mt. Rose, you will find meadow and mountain trails, perfect for cross country skiing and hiking in the summer.  

The white sands of the community beach and beautiful Sand Harbor are just a few steps away from Incline Village. There are also many hiking trails meandering along the East shore from Sand Harbor and southward.

In the summer months, Incline Village is home to the annual Shakespeare Festival. The Mark Twain Cultural Center also offers live performances and Sunday brunch. This community is known for its philanthropic initiatives, and year-round events allow the locals to socialize, while supporting community initiatives.

One of the best things about living in Incline Village is the water. We’ve actually won awards in nationwide contests for the purity and taste of our tap water.  

If you are thinking about buying a vacation home or primary residence in Incline Village, I would love to show you why I have made my home here. Contact me today for more information on available properties or for a free property analysis. Incline Village is truly one of the most elegant, family friendly areas and outdoor enthusiast's paradise.