About TART Connect

As summer arrives in Incline Village, so does the traffic. In an effort to reduce congestion and protect the local environment, users will soon be able to access TART Connect, This free, app-based ride service will provide curb to curb service that will extend Tahoe Area Regional Transit into the neighborhoods of North Lake Tahoe.

Beginning on Thursday, June 24, the service will be provided in several locations in North Lake Tahoe. Users can call for a ride from anywhere within several service areas. This includes: Dollar Hill to Tahoma, Tahoe Vista to the state line at Kings Beach, Crystal Bay and Incline Village.

Riders can use TART Connect to make a connection beyond these zones to the TART public transit service. TART links Truckee, the North Shore and Incline Village on a wider scale. TART Connect will be available from 8 a.m. to midnight from June 24 through Sept. 6. They plan to use 11 vehicles at any given time so that users will wait no more than 15 minutes after summoning a ride.

The Incline Village and Crystal Bay Visitor’s Bureau is helping to fund this service locally. However, the service is provided by the Truckee North Tahoe Transportation Management Association. They will oversee all operations of TART Connect.

Lake Tahoe has always presented transportation challenges because of the limited roadways. During the high seasons of summer and winter, congestion can bring traffic to a standstill. This will be a much needed and innovative solution to help people utilize all of Lake Tahoe’s public transportation.

This 75-day pilot program will allow the Transportation District to better assess improvements for transit needs in the region. Until now, there has been a gap in connecting communities with transportation hubs.

TART CONNECT and Squaw Downtowner

The Tahoe Transportation District will be providing legal operating authority to Squaw Downtowner LLC. Squaw Downtowner is a private company that will provide the vehicles, drivers and software for the service for the Nevada North Lake Tahoe Zone.

Squaw Downtowner LLC is experienced in operating the Mountaineer transportation service that connects Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. They will be a good fit for bringing a wider transportation solution to the entire area.

According to Stephen Murray, Downtowner’s co-founder, their parent company provides transit services in resort communities across the country. Using sophisticated software, they simplify the transit experience. Users can download the app here. After this pilot program, we hope to have more permanent solutions to the unique challenges we have faced in getting around Lake Tahoe.

TART Connect users who want to book a ride by phone can call 1-530-214-5811 starting Thursday, June 24.

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